Far far away, behind the word mountains


Far from the countries of Iceland and Yemin, there lives me. Separated from reality by the desire to find adventures. To discover new places, lost corners, and mountain tops that have existed for thousands of years.


The words tell the story, and the memories and photos tell that of the journey.


Take your next step toward an adventure. Lands far or near are waiting. It's up to you if you take that next step.


Walk with me, see the world. Take that next step for yourself, for your own journey, for your own adventure.


- Create a life worth living -

When you let go of what should and dive into what could, a new world awaits.


A world of life full of love and adventures.


Step out of the square box and create a shape that is yours and yours alone.

On his way he met his truths

Knowing where one belongs -

That's one of the hardest things to learn. That we belong exactly where we are. That's not to say we don't want to be driving across the country or hiking summits.


The simple truth is just being okay and knowing, that where we are is exactly where we should be.





it's okay to be lost, we're all a little lost ok