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I believe in being all in. 100%
Thing is, that doesn't mean you're always going to be 100%. It just means to give every day 100% even if on some days it's only 100% of 70% - if you can figure that out.


What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Kind", said the boy.

Become A Shining Light – Help The Homeless

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AHHH! You’re here. You made it.

You are one of the ones that want to help others in need. Even if you yourself may not be on the most solid of ground, you realize that you have the ability to bring a smile, a warmer night, or a full belly to someone in need. Someone who has less or even nothing. 

You want to help shine a light on mental illness and the struggle that takes almost 1,000,000 people a year in the world.

Long story short, I did this once before but at a smaller level where I asked for sweater and blanket donations to share with those in need. This time, together, we are leveling up. IN A BIG WAY! And for the long haul, stretching this far beyond a one time project.

So this time, blankets, jackets, and sweaters again, but also shoes and more. The more? Well, that’s helping with food and warm meals, ways to clean up, toothbrushes & toothpaste, etc. Anything that together we can do to just make those hurting feel a little better, a little brighter. If even for just a moment. 

Helping others realize that they too matter, and they are not alone. Even if just one individual can find hope to know that they matter then we are doing it!

What if that one meal, blanket, or thoughtful conversation stops someone from taking their life? What if together, we can help one person know that they can find a way out of or through the darkness? No more “what if’s” because together we can!

Did you know that not all people that are homeless want a home? Some have chosen that this is just the right path for them now. Did you know that there are individuals who had a thriving life, family, love? However, due to mental illness could no longer sustain it and felt as though, next to death, this was their only option. Running away from society? Now though, they are left without needed mediations, food, and or warmth.

So how will this work? Long Story Short:

  • Gather donations of material items.
  • Raise funds to support the cause, make meals to give to those in need, and provide showers.
  • Drive to cities and distant towns, towns that many don’t even know exist, with a trailer full of hope. 
  • Share everything I can that together you help make possible.
  • Take photos, video, and audio recordings to tell their stories (when they want to share)

Long story long: 

First up, load the RV and trailer with all the donations. Setting up, as sorts, “an everything free thrift shop” on wheels. It’s a small 16 foot trailer but can hold a lot!

Plan a route, south and then west and back up through the midwest. Jump on a bike with a backpack or even a trailer to tow, reach out to those I meet, asking what I can do for them. And doing as much of that as possible. Asking if they want to share their story.

The outcome, uplifting moments. Photo portrait documentary of those I meet. Podcast with those willing to share their story. Video/vlog of those willing to share their story. And grow this project even larger.

Then get ready to do it again!

So how can you help? 

Okay, this is the most important part. There are a few ways, and if you can do one or all of them, it would be so appreciated. First off, raid your closets. Old jackets and sweaters or shoes you no longer wear? C’mon, legit, have you worn that stuff in the last year? No? Then I think you can part with it. 
Blankets? Have a spare one? I will host a drop off here in Connecticut before I leave and will coordinate other drop off points while I’m on the road. (Are you willing to host a drop off point?)

And last but not least, donations. This is a huge part. This trip isn’t about traveling. This is about helping those in need that want help or deserve help (they all deserve it)… 

Even $5, $10 or more if you’re able. What I would love is to continue this project over and over again. With this, I will have a running expense report for those interested to see just where funds are being used as well.

This is no small undertaking, with your help though, we can bring joy. 

So you donated, be that through material items, funds or both and you’re not sure what to do next? 

Next post on social media about the project and ask your friends to help become part of the project too. The amount of people living on the streets is a number we can’t even begin to count. While I can’t help every single homeless person in the country, one by one, together we can help individuals feel love. 

Simply put, I believe my calling in life is just that. To help others know that they matter. That they can get through this. And if that’s all I do for the rest of my life, then I am content. 

Thank you……..

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