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Taking The Planet Back

Coronavirus And Earth Taking Itself Back - The Adventure TAB

That Didn’t Take Long

When you hear someone talk about the planet, possibly how global warming doesn’t exist, or that they aren’t making a negative impact on the planet in our day to day lives, we’re okay if you smack them across the back of the head.

Okay, don’t really smack them.

It didn’t take long though, did it. For the planet to begin taking itself back. Just weeks actually.

Two months ago, cars raced from here to there. Manufacturing plants were buzzing along 24/7. Daily life was set into its routine. While I understand the pain which this screeching stop has brought many, myself included, have you stopped to see life around you?

Cities and regions of the planet have the cleanest air in decades. Mountain ranges are coming out of the darkness.

And it’s not just the views, wildlife around the world has begun to feel its freedom. Deer range in national parks, feeding in areas normally filled with groups of visitors. Goats roam the streets where cars raced to work and home. And in Boulder CO. the mountain lions, while not unknown in the area, are now exploring a little further into the city where before they steered clear.

Did you know that Los Angeles has a skyline? haha

Areas of the U.S. which were normally covered in smog have clean air and visibility they also haven’t seen in decades! DECADES!

Los Angeles Skyline Smog Corona
Los Angeles Skyline Smog Corona

I’m Unsure

I’m not totally sure where I’m going with this. My thoughts are two-fold I guess.

1: will you begin to see exactly what we as humans are doing to our planet? Will you think twice about certain actions? Will you be more alert to the planet’s needs moving forward with a new norm? Or will you simply think “I’m glad that’s over and I can have my life back”. And rush back into your old routines?

2: Do you see how small you truly are on this planet? How small we all are? Do you see how much pain we are inflicting on the planet? Do you see just how quickly the planet would take itself back if tomorrow, we were gone?

What can you do moving forward to help the planet stay cleaner, to help wildlife live more freely, to adopt a new routine knowing that you truly can make a difference?

You can ya know, make a difference….

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Just a news link: https://www.nbcnews.com/science/environment/coronavirus-shutdowns-have-unintended-climate-benefits-n1161921

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