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I believe in being all in. 100%
Thing is, that doesn't mean you're always going to be 100%. It just means to give every day 100% even if on some days it's only 100% of 70% - if you can figure that out.


What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Kind", said the boy.

Sarino… The Italian in Vermont

“Are you immigration?” – “Are you sure you’re not immigration?”

I should probably wait to write this, to share about Sarino because I’m struggling a bit today, but the truth is, I’m not struggling nearly as much as Sarino is.

“Are you sure you’re not immigration?”

That’s how this friendship began. I pulled into the area where Sarino lives in the RV and when he saw me get out with Blue that was his concern.

Rightly so I guess.

And we meet Sarino.

Homeless Burlington Vermont

If you saw Sarino, talked to Sarino, met Sarino, you would have in front of you a kind soul who spoke broken english and used the wrong words for certain terms. This quickly became a joke.

Sarino is a character with a heart of gold and determination unlike many on the streets. When he understood that I was not, indeed immigration, he rapidly invited me to his home.

A shelter he built with donations from the church he goes to. Wrapped in brick printed tyvek paper, a sliding window he made with an old window and 2X4″s and a bed. What he didn’t have was warmth.

And it’s funny that I had this on my schedule to write today because I just received an e-mail earlier today from Sarino. “Hey this is Sarino I hope you remember me I let you know the blanket is warm thank you and have a wonderful day”

I gave Sarino a couple bags of food, blankets, tooth brush and tooth paste and more.

Thing is, everyone has their own story. I’ll say it again and again, over and over. You can’t judge anyone, you need to not judge anyone. Because everyones story is their own, and you have one too.

The quick run down though, Sarino is here from Italy. Living in Vermont, on the streets. Unable to find work for reasons I prefer to keep between he and I. What I will tell you, he was extremely thankful. And I will continue to do my best with everything I can, even when I may not have all the shit in my life together.

If you can help donate to the cause, you can do so on paypal here.

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