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I believe in being all in. 100%
Thing is, that doesn't mean you're always going to be 100%. It just means to give every day 100% even if on some days it's only 100% of 70% - if you can figure that out.


What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Kind", said the boy.

It’s A Constant

It’s a constant – that things change. Life changes, the world changes, like it or not, our bodies change.

And if the past 18 months hasn’t had its changes, its ups and downs, I don’t know what has. A post will be coming soon about where all the changes in my life have shifted. Long story short, every aspect.

With changes though

come some struggles. Maybe right now is one of those times. Where you feel hurt, pain, confusion. Maybe right now is where you just don’t know how to move forward.

Here’s the thing though, you have done some REMARKABLE things in life! I don’t care who you are, I know you have!

You’ve done, seen, experienced some pretty remarkable things. From day one, just being born. That was a feat all in itself. AND YOU DID IT! haha

Look back though, remember all of those things. Those times. Feel the excitement and joy that came with those times. Re-acquaint yourself with the goodness that is possible. The goodness that is your life and life around you.

Pull yourself back to the moments where you endured the challenges in front of you. You did a really solid job at pushing through those times. You’ve solved problems, you’ve reached milestones. And now, now is the time to pull yourself back to those moments and be proud of who you are and what you’ve done. Be inspired and share that inspiration with others. In a smile, an embrace, a kind gesture.

Life Is Full Of Riches

Think about just how meaningful and rich your life has truly been. In the midst of hardships and uncertainties. You endured and created richness. You powered through.

Each and every one of those past experiences has carried you to where you are. And now, RIGHT NOW, is the time to extend that journey. Right now is your opportunity to expand on your own value. Connect again to your purpose. Find that which has driven you, allow your purpose to push you to higher levels of fulfillment. To further your journeys and adventures.

If you’re in a tough place, use your purpose to get you through this moment. Just remember, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! YOU HAVE CREATED AND BEEN THROUGH REMARKABLE THINGS!


Remember that, as we begin to hit this next season of change & growth.

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Unsure where I'm going, only know where I've been.
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