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I believe in being all in. 100%
Thing is, that doesn't mean you're always going to be 100%. It just means to give every day 100% even if on some days it's only 100% of 70% - if you can figure that out.


What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Kind", said the boy.

Fleeting Moments

Moments, They Are Fleeting.

Grab Hold Tight! Because they come, and as fast as they come, they go. But…. BUT, if you can hold on tight enough, you can grab those feelings and ride the wave high till the next one.

I sit here, working on a commissioned art piece for a new client. As I do much of the time, music fills the entire studio space. For those that have been here, you know that means it’s loud. The door rests open as the music leaks to the passerby’s on the trail, sitting on the curb eating their ice cream, or strolling to the antique store.

Then it happens. “HO!”…. “HEY!”….. “HO!”……. “HEY!”…….

Lumineers. Lots of bar noise, but it rings out. Ho… Hey…. I look up at the TV and on youtube, the band pushes through an un-expecting crowd.

With each “HO” or “HEY”, more patrons look up, squeeze out of their way. I can feel it. Goosebumps surface to my skin as if excitement is trying to find its way out of my soul.

Live music, this is as close to live music as I can be. Fucking Covid.

This though, this moment, this fleeting moment of just 10 minutes of a surprise concert for this little bar. This 10 minutes I am there. I one of the patrons. I can feel the music, I can be filled with the energy. I am there, in that room, taking in the smiles, the laughter, the dancing.

And in this moment…. Happiness.

Care to join me?

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Unsure where I'm going, only know where I've been.
Allowing the light to lead me, guide me, drive me, because I am after all, just a chaser of the light.


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